Allen & Heath

Headquartered in Cornwall, United Kingdom, Allen & Heath has been at the forefront of British mixing console design and manufacturing since their humble beginnings in 1969. Allen & Heath has been the mixer of choice for top artists over the years — from Genesis, Pink Floyd, and the Who in the early analog days to At the Drive-In, Bullet for My Valentine, and Morrissey on recent networked digital audio arena tours. As a go-to brand in applications as diverse as DJ, house of worship, AV installation, club, broadcast, theater, and recording, they look forward to continuing their leading role in mixing technology in the years and decades ahead.

Allen & Heath was a big part of the insurgence of British console makers that sprung up around London in the late 1960s. Bands such as the Who, Pink Floyd, and Genesis all called on Allen & Heath for handbuilt boards that the bands would take on tour. Still today, the company is on the road with large-scale touring acts, including Bring Me the Horizon, Fifth Harmony, and Morrissey. The brand has diversified extensively to include a range of DJ mixers, compact mixers for stage and studio, and much more.

Staying current in the ever-changing world of pro audio isn't easy, but Allen & Heath has stayed at the leading edge. A look at their team reveals a bevy of active sound engineers who turn years of experience into the kind of gear professionals want to use and rely on daily. Whether it's analog or digital, you can count on Allen & Heath boards to sound great. This philosophy runs through everything they do, from a compact ZED mixer to a large-format console with networked stage boxes.

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