ProX Cases

Our products are designed by Professionals for Professionals like you!  Many of our products started as suggestions from our dealers and end users.   We manufacture Live Performance Gear solutions by pushing new ideas, effective design, and industry quality standards while keeping an affordable price in mind.  We take pride that our products are the best quality and designed by listening to our customers.

Xstatic Pro, Inc. “ProX” is a family run business, established in Brooklyn, New York in 1984. ProX began by manufacturing custom flight cases for Broadcasting and Live Production.  24 years later, in 2008 we started making cases for the weekend warriors and full-time DJ’s as well as the touring professional user.   Our touring and professional lines are constantly expanding while staying on top of the new product releases.   We stand behind every single product with "Quality without Compromise!"

In 2012, ProX manufacturing upgraded to a larger facility with over 300 Employees, operating Day and Night to produce your favorite gear. Everything you need for Live Event Support, Period. Our product line encompasses not only the finest in Road/Flight Cases but Bags, Trussing & Roofing Systems, Staging, Stands, Lifetime Cables, Xstatic Pro Lighting and Uno Lasers as well as many accessories for these products.

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