V-Moda is a professional-grade headphone company that offers a product portfolio of fashion headphones.

The company was founded in 2004 by Val Kolton, a professional DJ and producer. He originally focused on innovations and patents to develop the fashion headphone lines named ‘Kolton Technology’ for DJs. After two years, the company launched a fashion headphones product line and is known as the first color and fashion headphone company in the world.

In 2007, working with Apple, the company released Vibe Duo made for Apple iPhones and iPods which was a mile stone for the company. It was the first third-party headphone for Apple iPhones and iPods.

The company began developing M series in 2010 which is for mobile audiophiles. In 2011, the company launched its first M series on-ear headphones M-80 and M-100 afterwards. The M-Series has won over 20 Editors' Choice awards and has been voted the number one headphone by DJ Magazine readers and DJs.

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