Denon DJ Prime 2 Standalone DJ System with Touchscreen


Standalone DJ System, with 7″ Touchscreen, 6″ Jog Wheels, 3 x USB Ports, SD Card Slot, and 2.5″ SATA Drive Bay
Denon DJ

All the Functionality DJs Need, Without the Laptop

Combining two-deck functionality with built-in Wi-Fi for music streaming, a vivid HD touchscreen for navigation, and a 2.5″ SATA drive bay to load in your own music library via hard drive, the Denon DJ Prime 2 standalone DJ system is a dream come true for gigging DJs. It’s just as suitable in the club as it is for wedding receptions and block parties. Its mixer section with 3-band EQs, effects, and RCA aux input rivals standalone mixers, and three USB ports plus SD card support gives you a ton of flexibility in how you load your music library. If you’ve been searching for a professional DJ system that will allow you to ditch your laptop, you’ll be impressed with the Denon DJ Prime 2.

All-in-one 2-deck DJ system

The global DJ community has been waiting, and Denon DJ delivered — the Prime 2 is a complete 2-deck DJ performance system that allows you to leave your laptop at home. Load your music via SATA drive, USB, or SD card media, and you’re ready to perform. With its ultra-responsive, touch-capacitive jog wheels, high-quality audio I/O, and built-in time stretching and key matching, Prime 2 has everything you need to bring your mixes to the club.

Built-in Wi-Fi and wired internet connectivity

Beyond its ample support for wired connections, the Denon DJ Prime 2 standalone DJ system is ready for wireless music streaming with built-in Wi-Fi, and support for a wired internet connection too. Right out of the box Prime 2 is ready for streaming from Tidal, and Denon DJ promises support for Beatport, Beatsource, and Soundcloud via free future updates.

Ready for any music library

For the best possible sound quality, Prime 2 supports uncompressed audio formats, including FLAC, ALAC, and WAV files. With Denon DJ’s 24-bit audio conversion, you can be sure your music will reach your audience’s ears without compromise. Use the free Engine Prime music management software to import your music library from iTunes, Serato DJ Pro, Native Instruments’ Traktor Pro, and rekordbox. Prime 2 can also analyze your music internally, with no need for a laptop. And not only can you load your music via SATA drive, USB, or SD card media, but you can also simultaneously record your performance to any of these as well.

Record your set to any connected media source

Whether you want to record your performance, or looking for a simpler way to produce mixes in your studio, the Denon DJ Prime 2 has you covered. You can record your mix to any connected media source, whether it’s connected to one of the USB ports, or the SD card slot, or the internal hard drive bay (drive not included). Even better, you can even record to a storage device that you’re currently playing tracks from, without interrupting playback.

Powered by Engine OS

Denon DJ developed the Engine OS platform to push the boundaries of existing DJ hardware, expanding your workflow options and delivering big creative potential. It pairs with the Engine Prime software on your desktop or laptop computer, a powerful tool for managing your music libraries. You’ll be able to organize and categorize your music whether it’s already integrated with iTunes, Rekordbox, Serato, or Traktor, or simply by dragging and dropping from existing music folders. You can set hot cues and loop regions ahead of time or on the fly, name and color-code them, and then export your music collection to USB, SD, or HDD for standalone use with the Prime 2 DJ system.

Denon DJ Prime 2 Standalone DJ System Features:

  • 2-deck standalone DJ system eliminates your need for a laptop
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and wired internet connectivity for music streaming
  • Load your music library via 2.5″ SATA drive bay (drive not included), USB, or SD card media
  • Supports uncompressed audio formats including FLAC, ALAC, and WAV
  • 7″ multi-touch display for vivid visual feedback and intuitive navigation
  • 6″ touch-capacitive metal jog wheels for ultra-responsive control over your tracks
  • 8 performance pads for remixing and beat juggling, with rolls, slicing, and advanced looping capabilities
  • 2 dedicated microphone inputs (XLR/TRS combo) with EQ, Level, and Talkover controls
  • Production-quality time stretching and key matching
  • Free Engine Prime music management software can import your digital music library from iTunes, Serato DJ Pro, NI Traktor Pro, and rekordbox
  • StagelinQ connectivity for integrating with lighting and video systems
  • Standalone Track Preview allows you to pre-audition songs before loading them

Tech Specs

  • Controller Style:DJ Controller
  • Number of Decks:2-deck
  • Channels:2-channel
  • Jog Wheels:2 x 6″ Capacitive-touch Jogwheels, Built-in Display
  • Screen:7″ Multi-touch HD Display
  • Pads:16 x Multi-function Performance Pads
  • Faders:2 x Volume, 2 x 100mm Pitch
  • Crossfader:Replaceable Crossfader
  • Mic Inputs:2 x XLR-1/4″ combo
  • Inputs:1 x Dual RCA Stereo (aux)
  • Outputs:2 x XLR (master), 2 x XLR (booth), 1 x Dual RCA Stereo (master)
  • Headphones:1 x 1/8″, 1 x 1/4″
  • USB:3 x Type A, 1 x Type B 3.0
  • Data I/O:1 x RJ45 (data link), Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Audio Interface:24-bit/48kHz
  • Standalone Mode:Yes
  • Media:SD Card Slot, USB Port, Tidal and future streaming support, 2.5″ SATA Bay (drive not included)
  • Software:Engine Prime Librarian Software
  • Compatibility:Rekordbox, Serato, Traktor
  • OS Requirements – Mac:OS X 10.12 or later
  • OS Requirements – PC:Windows 8.1 or later, 64-bit
  • Power Supply:Standard IEC AC cable
  • Height:4.73″
  • Width:25.39″
  • Depth:16.15″
  • Weight:15.9 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Part Number:PRIME 2


Denon DJ

Focused entirely on the pro DJ, the Denon DJ brand is always striving to improve its visionary products, from digital controllers to high-grade headphones. Denon DJ equipment is built for the touring performer, and we’re proud to offer controller bundles that include a road-ready Odyssey case. Thanks to Denon DJ and other influential brands, the stigma of DJing with a portable controller is largely a thing of the past. With a built-in mixer, touch-activated jog wheels, and dedicated sample pads, Denon controllers like the MC4000 and MCX8000 offer immense features at a reasonable price.
Denon DJ


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